Bring Bonbons to a Witch (Key to Green Witch)


I'm trying to do side quests in HOLIII without starting the main quest line. I have the Bring Bonbons to a Witch quest, but her door is locked. Can I find the key without talking to Mr. Tainnik?

Where should I be looking for the key?



  • Nevermind!

    Found it at the end of the Dangerous Garden.


  • For anyone interested, Phredd in the Dark Monestary sells Credentials, which will allow you to board the floating university without talking to Mr. Tainnik in HQ and landing the Princess Vasilia questline.

    This is useful if you're trying to level up by spending some time in HOLIII without fully committing to it. I'm doing that now to work my character from Mithril Horde I up to an appropriate level for Mithril Horde II.

    My HOLV character feels like she'd be OP for Horde II and Linmore, so I'm bringing up someone less powerful for my first experience of my last two expansions. Very exciting 😄

  • That's helpful information, thank you (decided it isn't bad to use my old nickname because I'm not great at living up to the new one)

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