Black Witch and Horned Man

Having problems with these. I have the chest of gold for the witch but she keeps taking my health. I have all 5 offerings for the Horned Man, which I set on the pentacle, but he keeps telling me to find and place the offerings. I’m a little under level at 38 but holding my own. Persuasion is at 91. ??? So happy to be playing a new expansion! Graphics are beautiful and the storyline so far is great!


  • NVM on the Horned Man, I was doing it wrong.

  • She needs Persuasion 95. Enchant something! : ) Thanks. Glad you are enjoying it. Spent a lot of time on the graphics.

  • Thanks Cat!

  • What did you have to do with the horned man. I’ve tried placing them on the points of the pentagram and on the pentagram but nothing seems to work.

  • You just have to step on the pentagram with all the objects in your pack and you need the quest. The objects are two horns, a Mother's tear, a Maiden's necklace and a Crone's Purse. The script on the pentagram checks your backpack for the quest and those items.

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    Hi Cat could you please help us? I got my wife playing these games now but we can't figure out the Horned Man's Shrine quest or five offerings. We can find only the chest of gold and the mother's tear. Can you please help us with the rest we've looked everywhere? We have also tried searching for answers but to no avail (just so you don't get mad lol).

    Btw. Is it just a coincidence or did you still have my design for Tao's Ring of the Aeron's after all these years? Of course the level of detail may have been increased but it's the same colour, enchanting storage same everything. If this is NOT a coincidence I don't have a problem with my design being used - quite the opposite in fact. I'm glad to see this item in the game. I can actually? Well, it just... it sparks memories that would've otherwise been unrecoverable due to a brain injury that the doctors say may have caused up to 30% brain damage. Thank you for putting that ring in there whether it be by design or just coincidence.

    Last thing how or where do you get an item with 2500 storage enchanted? Yes it's Tao's ring I want to enchant lol.

  • Hi, Eradicater! About Tao's Ring of the Aerons--I try to port the games to HD as closely as I can based on the original games, with additions and some changes. One change in the ports is that players didn't like getting a bunch of quests in one area, so in some expansions the questgivers are moved around the world. Sometimes Dr. Vlad has asked me to change names to be more Lukomoryan-like, Cfsdoc became Dr. Chekhov in one expansion. But I left his name alone in another. You kept your name. : )

    The maximum enchant value of the ring in the ported version is 1000 as I've tried to increase things gradually as we're making more new expansions.

    I'm sorry about the brain injury and hope you can recover. Medicine is always coming up with new things and I hope new discoveries in medicine will help you.

    About the Horned Man's Shrine--The Crone's Purse is in the shrine on a crack. The Maiden's Necklace is on a column in the shrine. The Mother's Tear is in a pool outside the shrine. The two horns are on the relief outside the shrine.

    So far you can't enchant that high as far as I know and not sure if it's enabled or where in the newest port HOLIV. I've changed a lot of things in the ported expansions to make things more gradual.

  • Is the mother's tear actually in the Oracle Grove? I swear I walked on every tile that I could in the map and didn't come across it. I tried clicking on the puddles as well and no luck.


  • Uh... nevermind. I apparently had it in inventory but don't know where. I decided to just try stepping on the pentagram and got the quest popup...........

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