Last quest - rusha green amulet

Hello all, new to this forum and been playing the quest for a while.

I have finished all the quest except this rusha sparkles quest. I think I have ether forgot to pick up the amulet from killing the gremlin or have sold the amulet already. Can anyone please help me by telling me what is the name of the amulet or even better tell me where to get the amulet so that I can move on to hol 3 , thanks. I just want to clear all the quest . Thanks again and thank cat for all the expansions 😀😀


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    Welcome to the forum. The Gremlin drops the sparkles when you kill him. He was in the far northeast of the River Alber.

    The name of the amulet is Rusha's Sparkles.

    Unfortunately, if you don't have the sparkles, the only way is to go back to a previous save file. I can't do any updates right now due to Elendil having to meet certain requirements of the mobile app stores.

    I could send an update to Elendil to make it sellable but it could take a few months to get uploaded. Let me know.

  • I can make this sellable if you can't load an older save file. Let me know.

  • Hello Cat,

    It is okay, I have started over the game a few days ago and i am almost done with all the quest, including the rusha quest, i am surprised that the rusha amulet is a blue item that can be sold to merchant. Thanks anyway😂😄

  • That should not have been.

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