This is a tough expansion!

I’ve completed all the expansions except for three. This is going to be the first one I do not complete. I could not keep track of all the areas within areas within areas. And in some cases there’s teleporters going from one area to another to another. I tried real hard, but, can’t make sense of it. I had a good time with it anyways and there’s some really fun dungeons so I’d recommend it, and if you can beat it more power to you because you earned it!


  • When I said, I’ve completed them all the three I meant I’ve played them all, but three, and I’ve now completed them all, but one, this one.

  • Maybe come back to the expansion later or if you tell me the areas you're having trouble with, I will try to help you. : ) This is an older expansion finally ported.

  • My biggest issue is with the Brie castle and shaking forest teleporters. I can’t get to all of them no matter which ones I go through. I can see some in the distance I can’t figure out how to get to. One of the quests is to get a map of this area. Can you help with that, or do you have a map of where all the teleporters lead to?

  • I can help you with that tonight. If we take things one issur at a time, I think you can finish and it won't overwhelm my brain. :)

  • Ok! The big one is the teleporters of brie castle. There there is a group of two or three, I can’t remember, of teleporters in the extreme south east of the map that I cannot find a way to get to. I tried going through all the teleporters on this map several times and I swear I haven’t missed any but can’t progress any further. I’m thinking I need to find a way to those teleporters in the southeast. I’m also guessing this will help with the quest to find the map I’m supposed to.

    I love these games, they scratch the itch which I have so well . You have brought me so many 100’s of hours of fun and I cannot thank you enough.

    Your work and support are worth much more than your asking price.

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    Thanks for your very kind words. : ) First, let's start with the Shaking Forest because that's where your map is. The map is on some bones lying very close to the entrance.

    As you enter the Shaking Forest from the Iron Knob Mountains, just turn left and left and the poor fellow is on the ground clutching your map.

    BC on the map is Brie Castle. The xs on the ground are where you get moved around.

    You don't even have to go to Brie Castle to get the map but let's go. : )

  • There are 20 teleporters as numbered on these pics.

  • And here--the unnumbered teles in this map are numbered in the pic above.

  • Tele 1 goes back to the Shaking Forest.
    Tele 2 goes to where the Countess of Spells is and from there there is a tele that leads to the Cave of Colors. You need to mark before you take that tele because there is no way back to the Castle Brie map.
    Tele 3 leads to Tele 4.
    Tele 4 leadls to Tele 2.
    Tele 5 also goes to where the Countess of Spells is. Same advice, mark in Brie Castle map before taking.
    Tele 6 goes to Tele 7.
    Tele 7 goes to Tele 3.
    Tele 8 goes to Tele 15.
    Tele 9 which is by Brie Castle goes back to the Shaking Forest.
    Tele 10 goes to Tele 5.
    Tele 11 goes to Tele 15.
    Tele 12 goes to Tele 17.
    Tele 13 goes to Tele 11.
    Tele 14 goes to Tele 7.
    Tele 15 goes to Tele 16.
    Tele 16 goes to Tele 20.
    Tele 17 goes to Tele 19.
    Tele 18 goes to Tele 9, which is where Brie Castle is.
    Tele 19 goes to Tele 17.
    Tele 20 goes to Tele 9, which is where Brie Castle is.
    Tele 21 goes to Tele 9, which is where Brie Castle is.

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    If you look closely at the teleporters, you'll notice that some of them have a little patch of snowiesh color under them. : )

    That's how I was able to test that area and not go crazy because following the teles with that little patch of color takes you to Brie Castle.

    Brie Castle tele takes you back to the Shaking Forest.

  • Wow what a response. I am going to go through all this tonight and see how I fare. Maybe I will complete the scenario!

  • I may actually win! I think I just need one final piece of help! I’m in the Swiss cheese room, and I’ve gotten past all the pillars and I’m standing in front of the door in the north part of the room. I try and open it, but it says I don’t have the key, where is the key I think behind the door is him, the man I need to kill with my special sword. Help! :-)

    In another post, it said something about going through a second teleporter in the Room, but I only see the one which takes you back where you came from.

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    The second teleporter is beyond that gate. You need the Blue Maze Key that you get from a e candle in the Blue Key Maze. See pic.

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    And yes, that teleporter leads to the one you need to kill. : ) You can get more helpful info if you look down to the thread Kyanan's Guide to finding Grey Hood. You'll need a special sword to kill him.

  • Completed! I would say I was proud of myself but Cat helped alot! Thanks for the great expansion!

  • You're welcome. Congratulations for finishing!

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