Entry to Queen Maeve's Castle

I have completed Unite the Bulls and most of the other quests. The only quests I have remaining relate to finding items or killing Ferdlad, all of which are inside Queen Maeve's castle. I assume her castle is the locked door in the northeast of Rath Croghan (between the statue and the Armorer). I have looked all over for the key to her castle door. Where can I find it?


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    There is no key. The guard opens the door. You need to be disguised as a shepherd. You need a Connacht Shepherd's Cloak.

    Talk to the Wizard Cathbad in Red Branch Knights' Castle. He'll tell you the Green Fairy in Green Fairies' Moor can make you one. You'll have to do a quest for her. Then she'll make you a Connacht Shepherd's Cloak that will fool the guard enough to let you in.

    For Cathbad to talk to you about this, you need to have the quest 'Seek Wisdom-For the Witch Oracle, Oracle's Grove, seek the Wizard Cathbad's wisdom on how to teleport the two bulls to the Arena of Bulls.'

  • Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I got the shepherd’s cloak. I’m already inside the building at Rath Croghan, which is also called Rath Croghan. There is a locked door inside the building, which I’m guessing is the entry to the actual Queen Maeve Castle. How do I unlock that door? I need a key.
  • Rath Croghan is the actual Queen Maeve's Castle. You need the Little Key. You need the quest from Drisdane to kill Ferdlad and you need to talk to the Lady's Maid there in Rath Croghan with Mind Magic of at least 90.

  • Thank you. It was the Mind Magic issue that kept me from getting the key from the Lady's Maid. I appreciate your timely response.

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