Sea Nymph Fariah

Hello! I've just completed Mithril Horde I and enjoyed the tropical aesthetic - it reminds me of parts of Thor's Hammer and Macha's Curse expansions, feeling light, colorful and airy. I'm recalling the comment about Mithril Horde I being short; I think the map is small, but there are plenty of quests. The main quest line doesn't project out like, say, Careworn Castle does, and so a lot of this expansion is side quests. There's nothing wrong with that (although an evolving main quest is fun/engaging).

One question - is Sea Nymph Fariah intended to do anything other than throw on some clothes and feel cold? She says to come back later and maybe she'll be warm enough to talk. I tried boosting various attributes and stats, but it didn't change anything in her response. I thought that finishing other quests might help, but that seems to not change anything either.

Maybe she shows up in Mithril Horde 2? Haven't gotten to that expansion yet...



  • She has a lot to say if you have the quest Mysterious Happenings, 'For Thorin, a merchant in the Floating Market, Investigate the mysterious happenings there.'.

    Mithril Horde I was initially free--and a collaboration between Lord Yuz and Zarista. Lord Yuz was one of a few people who believed that games should be free and he pirated our first game. : ) We had quite a fight but wound up with an agreement that he would remove the pirated version and a few other things and in turn we would create a story together that would be free. He's a very good storyteller. So it was perhaps a bit unlike some of our other expansions but it has always been my favorite. He's a really nice guy and comes from a culture that does believe in free gaming.

    When we partnered up with Redshift to make the mobile versions, it was no longer really fair to them that it be free because it's a lot of work to mobilize a game.

    That's the background.

  • That's fascinating. Thank you! I'll look for Thorin.

    Out of curiosity, was there a collaboration in Mithril Horde 2, or was it a Zarista game? I haven't gotten there yet.
  • Horde II is a collaboration of Zarista, Lord Yuz and Liz. :)
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