Calm Civil Strikers Pet Demon

Dear Cat
You most likely won't remember me (superannuated old fossil, lives in the wilds of Lincolnshire) because it is a long time since I needed your help.
My wife and I have finished the game except for the calm demon quest.
We have taken the book to the armour shop in Kings Way but the demon just lashes his tail and will not accept the book.
I have tried bumping my persuasion up to over 100 - no effect.
Have you any idea why the demon wont respond?
It is a brilliant game and I look forward to more of your expansions.
I hope that you and Liz are well and thriving.


  • I do remember you and hope you and your family are well. I hope I can help you. You need to know the spell Calm. : ) Not have it in inventory or on a wand but have learned it. The Calm spellbook Elizaveta sells the spellbook but you might have to camp out.

  • Thanks Cat
    We usually always make a point of learning every spell just in case, guess which one we forgot to buy this time.
    Game now finished, looking forward to the Thor's Hammer sequel.
    Thanks again

  • There's a spell book of Calm on the ground in Meadow of the Sun near DetlevH

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