Honor the Dead

Hello! I have Chocolate Cake and I'm at Lady Jane Sheets' coffin. It says "You can swear you smell chocolate cake" when I tap on it or attack it.

I've tried buffing various attributes and skills to no avail. I've even tried placing the cake on the ground. No luck. Is there something else that needs to be lined up for me to be able to deliver the cake?



  • That's Sheets' coffin. Try going one east.

  • That did it 🤦

    I guess I got fixated on the distinctive color of his coffin.
  • I think you will find a Frost Wraith in Ragnar's Revenge who drops a Frost Wraith's Cloak. : ) The name fit right in.

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    That's Amazing 😍
    Resisting the urge to gush. It's hard and I hope you're proud of this fortitude.
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