Dream Castle 2nd floor

Just wondering if I've found all the areas for the full map. My character is moving one step at a time, which usually means there are enemies close by.


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    There is a gray wall in the upper northeast that should be crackable and isn't. I sent an update to Elendil. Just hang on. There are some goodies in there. The wall will be green and crackable if you hit it in the update.

    The same update applies both to the Classic Version and the HD Version--all these years you are the first to find it. : )

    Thanks very much. There might be a small something for you in Ragnar's Revenge. in the Arena of Flames.

  • Really? That would be really wonderful. Thanks so much Cat. I'll watch for the update and keep you informed. 😃
  • Awesome, I found the wall. Thanks so much Cat.

  • I also found Blue Shadows Crossbow 😃

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