“Free the Prisoners” quest.

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This is the quest from the child in the Troll Caves. Unlocking the door doesn’t free the prisoners and talking to them does nothing. Am I supposed to use “Cure (xxx) Touch” or something along those lines on them? I never learned any of the “Cure (xxx) Touch” spells, just used wands when the need would rise but now I can’t find those wands anywhere and not even sure if I need to.

Basically, I’d like a hint at how to complete this last quest.

Stone Troll just says the bit about not liking light.


  • You need two quests Cure the Prisoners and Prisoners' Tears. Prisoners' Tears you get from Sisto the Vile there. You need the empty flasks he gives you and you just need to answer the prisoners' questions right.

    You have to decide whether to please Sisto the Vile or the little girl. You can't do both.

  • Settled this a while back and forgot to respond. Thanks Cat.

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