Just WOW

Now that was an ending that could cause a tear to drop but it can leave a lot of happy emotions too.

I wonder who designed Gleb's and Pahom's quest? I love this simplicity in a clearly spiritual quest. No idea if it's realistic but since nothing weird from human standpoint happened in it I assume it is.

I also wonder who wrote Master Seamus' dialogue.

I also wonder who wrote "The Firewind" story. Now that's a good illustration of what's so good in the Old Testament.

Oh my, this is good.

It's hard to be critical when you have what you value in a game. It's the first time I feel this happiness mixed with interestingness after a story's ending.

You see? Most books in The Quest have a bad ending, while "The Firewind" which is definitely influenced by Old Testament logic is a touching story with evil destroyed and main characters left with happiness. It is an engrossing short story with a happy ending. Imagine what a longer tale based on both Judeo and Christian logic could be like! Impossible to imagine! It can only be written and read.


  • Dr. Vlad is responsible for the dialogues.
  • That's nice. M. Seamus was added only in the HD version, so I thought it was you or Liz. But the tale in that book "The Firewind" rocks most of all, so it interests me :smile: I read it just as I was leaving the spy to fight Savirs who broke into Zlatograd. Made me emotional :)

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    Dr. Vlad is responsible for those. I consulted him on the HD additions. : ) He has always had a unique voice.

  • Well, that's a good work of art. I wonder why he doesn't come to say something on forums since our play as HoLs is his work and influence in a large part

  • Ugh why did Savirs attack I wonder. I see I might find the answer in Mithril Horde expansion. Was it a collaboration of Lord Yuz with Dr. Vlad where one story was built upon another?

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    It wasn't a real collaboration and is so long ago that I forget. Dr Vlad has job and family responsibilities that consume his time and it is all very long ago that the Luko expansions came out. Neither of us ever really kept notes, But I have the time to look in the editor and remember a lot.

    Liz doesn't come to the forums either. Not for lack of interest in the games but that isn't really her.

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