Red skulls

What am I supposed to do with those??


  • What do they look like? Can you put up a pick? I know you said skulls but there are no red skulls in Celtic Rift. There are two long objects with a skull-like head that open a wall but without a picture, not sure.

  • It was from Celtic Rift after defeating Hail, Storm and Wet. They dropped those.
  • See the red skulls??I had those items for Celtic Rift.
  • If that were a Red Mole Man Skull, you could sell it in Asteroids. But I don't see any Red Skull in Thor's Hammer, Hero of Luko I, Asteroids or Celtic Rift, so unless you've played something else, my guess again is that's from the base game or Ice and Fire. Put it in your hoard.

  • I didn’t, it’s really from Celtic Rift. I kept the red moles skulls separated in my asteroid home.
  • There are no items like that in Celtic Rift. I just looked through a third time but it again could be from a container that is programmed to have "cheap", "normal", "better" or "superior" items. That could pull items from any game you have loaded.

  • OK. I was able to open the old Classic version of the Quest although I can't open the new HD version. Those skulls are from the base game. You could ask in the Redshift forum what to do with them or write Elendil. But I'd wait to write Elendil until you have more such items.

  • Okay sounds reasonable
  • In the Classic version which I can open and look around, they are NOT SELLABLE, so my guess is they're needed for a quest. I imagine that's true in the HD version too so I'd hang on to them.

    It's been ages since I last played the base game so no catnip for me. : )

  • I believe it's for treasure island in base game. When you clear every available quest you can drop all items (unless you don't want to). By the way, I also played through all expansions with one character about twice at first. Then I realized the game wasn't very hard after all :) And now I think it's not a good habit in real life to hoard things

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