Divine Lightning sword

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I completed majority of the quests but…. I couldn’t seem to turn in the divine lightening sword? Dwarf kept saying It’s stolen, I don’t know where he hid it. ( Taran)
The new queen is all happy.
Oh and second question, what am I supposed to do with gold coins from Guen’s ‘coffer’??


  • It was stolen. You'll find that sword near the queen: hit the off color wall next to Queen and explore downstairs thoroughly – including for the Kings remains. Go into the Queens chamber and get the Hammer of Disorder, and Queens Ring, and the sword Divine Lightning. Open the door to Taran and kill them all.

    Is that gold called Gold Ore?

  • I got everything including killing the Queen Guen again, killed Taran and his minions.
    No, it said coins.
  • There are no gold coins in Celtic Rift. Again, it might be coming from the base game.

    Containers can be set to pull in items from anywhere you have in your device so it might be you've found some stray items from the base game. I would just stash them.

    Where was Guen's Coffer?

  • It was in a pot next to Guen standing.total 101 coins from same pot.
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    Those are coins from the base game. I found the pot. I don't know if you can sell them there. In the Classic version of the base game which I can open, you can sell them in any shop that sells miscellaneous items. Don't know about new HD version but my guess is it's the same.

  • Oh ok! Ty for the suggestions
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