Guide: Lukomorye I standalone version best warrior build

Most useful skills for pure warrior build: Light weapon, Heavy armor, Accuracy, Repair and, if you want to do no-magic challenge you'll need Lockpick. All magic makes this expansion easier to play.

  1. Don't use a pre-generated character.
  2. Search around the island you arrive on thoroughly. Equip all armor, and if you want to use Heavy weapon, the best you have here is Dragon Heavy blade which is strong enough to find your way to Yaga Forest and pick a very powerful maul from Sauna in the forest.

  3. Dexterity is very useful here, but wait. You can add as much to Dexterity as you can, then add to Light weapon, accuracy, repair maybe dual wield if you chose it etc and then go back to the screen with "attributes" and tap "undo". Now you have high levels of almost everything and a LOT more points to add to Endurance. It's a cheat))) I suggest you let Master Samodelkin in Zlatograd train your repair skill before you raise it, but that's a bit later on.

  4. Add to Endurance and raise your Heavy armor skill as much as you can.
  5. Add to personality and train your Appraise/Mercantile skill at the inn on Muck Island. You won't need much gold in the beginning, so don't be frugal.
  6. Buy many Full healing, Kvass and Strong resist magic potions in the potion shop on the island. It's a good idea to do it multiple times by sleeping three times at the inn each time.
  7. When you find your way outside Zlatograd, you can go south where a Savir archer might drop a Defender bow unless you want to calm them :)
  8. Go to Chudolesye forest where you can play cards at an inn and get 10k in gold each time. Ded Klyukva there sells better armor. The nearest weapon shop is in Muddy Bryn Forest.

That's it. Now you can man wolves and wrestle with moles and more :)


  • This is very useful. Thanks!
  • Forgot about persuade - it's needed ;)

  • There's a Savir Bow you can pick right after you climb out of the tunnel out of Zlatograd in the HD version: walk around the hole you climb out of, it's right next to it :wink:

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