Sub 7 switch room

Cat I am just about done so I will stop bugging you soon :-) it is driving me crazy. On the submarine with the room with seven switches how was I supposed to figure out which ones are up and which ones were down. I got the answer on a walk-through, but I’d like to know what the logic is, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is in this case. Is it just brute force where I had to try every combination? There is 64 combinations, so I kind of doubt that’s it. Someone else said it’s based on the color of the baseboard, but I don’t see any differences with my old eyes. Can you tell me the secret. As always, thanks again.

And I am aware I can use the thieves key, but like you warn us in your message, that takes away much of the adventure. I fully agree with you on that.


  • The baseboard colors hints refers to the Classic version. You can't touch the baseboards in the HD version. If a switch is off it's facing up. If it's pressed, it's facing down. Is that what you mean? Or are these different switches?

  • What is the logic in the hd version on which go up and what go down. What hints do you leave, if any, or were we to just guess until we hit upon it.

  • Argimon's dungeon switches are often random, There is no logic to this one.
  • Of course, I should have put a subtle hint like the slightly different colored baseboards in the Classic version, but I missed it.
  • Thanks for the response. Yeah it makes sense that you had the hints designed for the classic version and the puzzle is brought forward without adjustment. I can see that. Good to know because I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out the logic. I loved the submarine overall, it was a lot of fun thanks for putting in the warnings to not use the key, because that would’ve really cut down on the enjoyment of it. I finished this game now and am moving onto the next one. Somehow I missed Mithril Horde one, so that’s next. I’ve played all of them except for four. It has bern taking many many years to get through them, but I’m back on track and raring to keep going. Thank you for enriching my life and scratching the gaming itch I have!

  • You're very welcome. :smile:
  • The somewhat more brown baseboards are not in the HD version. The same is in the southeastern room in the same submarine section (with 6 levers) - so that puzzle is harder in HD too.

    Btw, submarine is much less frustrating if you use mark in places where you stop - it's exactly from first dead to the second back to first again most of the time to make it more frustrating, but you can cheat with mark/recall.

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