Hi. I know the question has been asked before but the poster found their solution before they got an answer.
How do I get through the breakable wall in the lighthouse? I know I killed the mermaid sorceress with a special weapon. But I can't remember which it was since I did the angels Wings quest first.
Help would very much be appreciated, since the only person in the lighthouse left doesn't give clues :(


  • Hit the wall with any weapon if you have the quest, Angel of Light, "For the Angel of Light in the Lighthouse, Belovodsk, help her get back to heaven. She has lost her wings.".

  • Thanks for the quick response cat. It seems I was trying to get through a real wall. The angel was already flying again when I posted. I just don't know how to finish the lighthouse quest.

  • Is this the Repair the Lighthouse quest for PointofLight? The Angel of Light should have told you, "Oh, new wings, how nice. But penguins can't fly. Ah, but with the other ingredients, I CAN! Thank you, dear warrior. See you in heaven. Oh, and I'll fix the lighthouse now for you."

    Then go back to PointofLight to turn in the quest. What does he say when you talk to him?

  • That I should read the text messages more carefully -.-
    But he was nice about it. ^^
    I could have sworn I've been there after the angel flew away, apparently I wasn't.
    Thanks cat :) Awesome game, really enjoying it, and now on to hol3 \o/
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