Can’t find the Raven

edited October 2022 in Caerworn Castle
I’m missing something. I need some help in finding the Raven; also, the hermit won’t talk to me?
Great game and keeps my mind active.


  • I think the raven is behind the lock door? Can anyone give me a hint as to how I can open the blue door?
  • Thank you. Is this Rodnose the Raven in the Tower of Dark Demons? He's in a green bush in the mid eastern part of the tower. You need the Dark Raven's key to get in. You get the key from the hermit. To talk to him you need the quest Code Scroll, For Sheets, Library, Caerworn Castle, find the Code Scroll he hid in the Tower of Dark Demons. It tells you how to find the Stone Folio that will reveal his hidden treasure. You need the Amulet of Protection he gave you to enter the Tower of Dark Demons. You can get to the Tower of Dark Demons by a teleporter in Devil's Bridge to the east.

  • Thanks Cat. Based on you comment I was able to trace back to where I went wrong: I didn’t find the wall button in Clokanog Keep the first time. After I found the button everything fell into place.

    I have one last quest “coat of arms.”

    Great game and the help you provide eases the frustration when struck….. is their a dungeon master award I can vote for?
  • Aw, thanks very much. : )

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