Joe’s Reef help

edited September 2022 in Hero of Lukomorye V
I’m been away from playing The Quest for a couple of years. I recently started playing again from the beginning and am now stuck on HOL V HD version. I’m almost finished, but I have two questions:
1. Where’s Joe’s Reef? I’ve been searching and can’t find anywhere.
2. What is the next game I should play? I’m level 61 now.
CAT you and your team continue to produce excellent games.
Thanks cimotusa


  • You get to Joe's Reef from a hole in the Extinct Volcano in the northwest.

    For game levels, you can check here.

    You are perfect for Caerworn Castle.
    You are a little over-powered for Macha's Curse and a little underpowered for Basilisk's Eye. : )

    Thank you so much!

  • Cat… thank you so much. This is the last task I need to finish HOL V. 😇
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