Free Catacomber & Martelius Blade

I finished the main storyline (closing paragraph and end credits), but have two side quests left. I exited Argimon's Dungeon before rescuing Catacomber (you), so now I understand the only way to re-enter the dungeon is through the painting in my room. I assume my room is beyond the locked door in the School of Magic. I must have sold Martlius' Sword, so I now I can't complete the Martelius Blade quest (I have all 7 Casteks and the Horalek). How do I get to my room? Do I need to complete the Martelius Blade quest? I don't really care about the sword, but I want to get to my room so I can rescue you.
Any suggestions?


  • You can't sell Martelius' Purifier. Maybe you put it down somewhere?

    You get the key to your room from Old Shaman, after you've finished Tsar Yaromir's main quests. Old Shaman checks whether you've completed Tsar Yaromir's task About a Spy.

  • Thank you, Cat. I got the key, got to my room, and rescued you. (I had talked to everybody in the School of Magic previously, so I'm not sure how I missed getting the key from Old Shaman.) I also had Martelius' Blade in storage (don't recall putting it there), and was able to complete that quest as well. I'm glad you're always reminding us questers to check storage.

  • Thank you for rescuing me! ^^

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