2 chest

'Need help cant find the 2 chest


  • Also weapons of war. I have been to pirates Formorian and hit the metal got something from the wall but it wont clear.

  • Found 2 chest. I have rescue sola and weapons of war left. I have been to pirate Formorian and he says head back to shore and go on your way now.

  • Only got Weapons of war left and no idea how. I think I will have to move on to the next expansion.

  • If the pirate said that, he gave you these weapons: Eleven Saami swords, ten Puuko knives and sixteen Leuku blades. Jamie wants ten Saami swords, nine Puuko knives and sixteen Leuku blades. If you don't have enough, Caul the blacksmith sells them all but you might have to camp out. He's in Gwent Village.

  • Thank you Cat, I am very grateful for your reply. I love this game so much. I am going to get all expansions. I hope you keep on making them as this game is second to none.

  • Thank you. I hope to keep making them. : )

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