Kill the Servant Mage and Bring ingredients

Hi there!

I have 2 incomplete quests I can not seem to figure out...

Kill the Servant Mage says only appears at night yet I run that location at night and there is no servant mage anywhere.
Is the Servant Mage in another area?

Bring ingredients requires Lining of pearls which is supposed to be near the reef but I run that location multiple times and find nothing. I found the Water Lily in the area.
Is it in another area from Water Lily?

thanks for the help!


  • To find the Servant Mage, walk on the bush to the left of the first gray column in the southwest as you face north in the Old City at night.

    Lining of Pearls can be found by touching a yellow flower in the Algae Reef Pools in the mid east beyond a crackable yellowish wall.

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