How do I kill the Smiths of Death?


  • Nevermind. Sorted it out you needed the blade that kills the Deathless. Does anyone know how to break the walls of force or turn on the Portal in that area?
  • Also, does anyone know what to do to get the Moles in that floor to talk to you? Plus the Dagger behind a force wall?

    Finally, what is the purpose of the skull room? The one part of the dungeon that is requesting 5 skulls? I have 5 skulls in my inventory and I tried dropping them but no effect. Can I get help on that as well?
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    As far as the skulls, that is a dirty trick on Argimon's part. Don't fall for it.

    Mole guards

    One is in the room with paintings and the second one is at the end of the main corridor (the one you started the floor in). You need to talk with them. After you talk to both of them, you will be able to set invisible one wall (with the Mole Dagger) - this wall is at the end of corridor that leads to the Torture Chamber.

    To talk with them, you need to explore that level more.

    See if the information here helps:

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