Problems in Casle Oborot

I do not know how to proceed further in Oborot. I circled a force field (on attached screenshot) that I cannot get through.

Is there something else i should be doing? Am I missing a certain quest?



  • See that square in your map? There's a switch in the north that would remove the wall of force. Throw something across the gap.

  • Thanks, somehow i missed that button.

    But i believe that button removed a forcefield more to the right of the area I need. Please see where I circled on a new screenshot. I was already able to get to the area that that forcefield protected.
  • That secret switch is coded to remove the spot where you're stuck. That's the area circled.

    Just before a gold staircase.

    If it's the force field that isn't circled but to the left of the circled area, that's controlled by a secret switch near Tom Cat the tiger.

    There's only one other wall of force and that's controlled by the secret switch on the south side of that square.

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