Jamie’s quest

Went to the pirates boat and found the weapons and Pirate agreed to share it with me but when I return to Jamie he still demands I find the weapons. What am I doing wrong ?

My favourite expansion yet.


  • It might be you don't have enough. He's looking for 10 Saami Swords, 16 Leuku Blades and 9 Puuko Knives. If you don't have enough, Caul the Armorer sells them all but you might have to camp out.

  • Thank you Cat x

  • Sorry to be a pain Cat but where is Caul

  • He's in Gwent Village, in the south.

  • Thank you x

  • Looked all over Gwent Village no luck. I am playing the classic version not the HD

  • In the Classic Version, his name is just Smith but he is in the south of Gwent Village.

  • Thanks again xhave slept in the inn for weeks still no sign of the weapons I need in
    Smiths store. Sadly I think I’ll have to abandon game ☹️

  • The probability of their showing up is one out of ten but they will eventually show up. Don't sleep in an inn in Gwent Village. You have to sleep in a level outside the level of the shop.
  • Thanks again

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