Pick Mushrooms

So apparently I chose incorrectly when picking the first mushroom, leaving me one short to close out the quest. I have tried sleeping in an inn for a week to reset, but no avail. When I tap on the one remaining mushroom there is no response. Any thoughts on other things to try?


  • Which quest is this?

  • Asteroids 1 - Pick Mushrooms
    "For Falti in the Earth Sector, go to Terra Hyperia and pick mushrooms so he can make soup for his father"

    When you tapped on the mushrooms, you had a choice. I apparently chose wrong with the first, and now one mushroom still remains, and if I tap on it, nothing happens.

  • The boletus mushrooms are the little red mushrooms but there is one mushroom cluster there of the many colored mushrooms that if you tap on it, will give you a boletus mushroom. Try that and if it doesn't give you anything, let me know.

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