I’m not very good at making a snowman (Zyaba)

Little Ana asked me to rebuild her snowman. There is a puddle in front of her house, and I should drop 20 snowballs in the puddle.

I’ve managed to scrape 2x 5 snowballs off of the cliffs. After that, the cliffs just feel too cold to touch. Then I found 3 more snowballs on the ground, and I ventured outside to kill a few renegade snowmen to get up to 20 snowballs.

I carefully dropped exactly 20 snowballs on the ground, in the puddle. Then I tried to cast all kinds of spells on the snowballs, I tried to tap them and attack them. Nothing happens, and Ana just keeps telling me that I’m not very good at building snowmen.

Please please, somebody tell me how to make little Ana happy again! How to rebuild her snowman?


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    If you have the quest and exactly 20 snowballs and step on the pool, you should be able to rebuild the snowman. If you have more than 20 snowballs, drop the excess and then step on the pool. Let me know if that doesn't work, but it should.

    You don't have to drop them on the ground. You just have to have exactly 20 snowballs in your backpack and step on the puddle.

  • Thanks Cat, I tried that now.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work. Does the snow have to come from Zyaba only, or is it ok to hunt some snowmen for snowballs?

    I attached a few screenshots. Am I looking at the correct puddle?
  • The snowballs dropped by Snowmen should be ok. This is the right puddle.

    I don't see any reason it wouldn't work.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had quite much stuff in my inventory, so I dropped everything else except the 20 snowballs. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. I am stepping back and forth on that exact same square that you’ve highlighted on the picture. Oh well, maybe I just abandon this one quest :( Thanks still for taking the time to help! Appreciate that Cat, and love the games (I may have an addiction)
  • Let me check. If you're playing the Classic version it could be quite different. Not at computer until later.
  • OK. In the Classic version, with the 20 snowballs in your pack, stand next to that ice patch and tap it. Don't step on it as in HD version, tap it.

  • Hooray! Thanks so much, you’ve made me and little Ana happy! Quest solved, fame increased! Such a joy to see that little girl happy again
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