Stuck in Hag of Hell quest

Hello, I'm new to this forum so please dont be annoyed if my questions sound so silly :s

I've finished Celtic Rift, which was a great expansion with interesting riddles and puzzles, and moving on to Thor's hammer but I still got 1 quest stuck in my list: Hag of Hell. I got the blood potion from the hag of hell (after breaking into her house at night) but then I can't find any druid who can bless it to complete the quest. I tried the druid in grove of dark rites but he doesn't talk about it. I got this quest after meeting the druid in the circle of stones (now he's gone) so I no longer have access to him. I think it might be the druid in the land of ever living but I can't figure out a way to pass through those golden statues (keep striking me to 10hp :'( ). So is there another druid that I didn't encounter that would solve this quest or did I screw up something that made this quest unsolvable?

Big thanks :)


  • He's the Druid in the Land of the Ever Living. Cast the spell disarm on the statues to get to him. Welcome to the forum.

  • I’ve tried casting disarm on these statues but I’m still not getting to him. Is there a minimum disarm skill?

  • No. You just need to know the spell. But you need the quest, "For Gwael, in Village of Aeda, steal blood from the Hag of Hell and get it blessed by a Druid so he can cure his sores."

  • I know the disarm spell and have the quest. I have the blood potion but still get struck by the statues every time I cast disarm on them. Is there anything else that I’m doing wrong? This was a great expansion! Thank you
  • Thank you. I just tested this and as long as you know the disarm spell and stand directly in front of the statue and cast that spell at the statue and have the blood quest, it works. Try sleeping in an inn for 21 sleeps and try again.

  • Not sure why but the statues still strike me even after trying the 21 sleeps. I have the quest and know the disarm. I guess that quest will stay in my que till I figure it out.
    Thank you for your time!
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    I can give the blood flask to Phredd to sell but don't want to overwhelm Elendil, give me a week.

  • This is another one I’m also having the same issue with. I have the blood quest and blood in my inventory and I’m lvl 25 and know disarm. I’ve stood in front of every single statue and cast disarm and they still whack me. 🤷‍♀️

  • In the Classic Version, the spell is Calm. Try that. The classic and HD versions are not the same.

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