Story Questions

So I'm curious about the lore of the dev characters.
I'm a few parts in to the plot of the mad dwarf thingie and I'm just hella curious
What REALLY happened to the characters? Why did everyone get mad and accuse each other of being a spy and all that?
But more importantly how invested in this plotline should I be, is it normal that I'm this intrigued?


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    The Mad Dwarves are part of Argimon's dungeon. The characters in his dungeon are his although they always support the main story. He and his friend Martelius made up that part of the story together. They are intriguing people but I wouldn't say you need to be invested. Argimon and Silvergirl worked out the Silvergirl Deathless love story.
  • Future historians in the next civilisation that find this thread are going to be so confused
    I hope they get a chance to play the game so it makes sense to them
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