Ginny/Hermione and the Jackpot door.

Can I get some assistance here? I opened the vault and got everything inside, and went back to her. Second, what do I do with Ginny the Dragon? All she says is she's ticklish. Also, I have no clue on how to solve the jackpot door.


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    Giny in the HD version is different from Giny in the Classic version. Use a hot spell to fight her to remove her from blocking the passage. She's just there to block the passage.

    I need more information about the jackpot door. Where is this door?

  • Here it is, Cat. Its one of the Doors in the 3rd floor.

    I am finally able to move past Giny, Cat. About 10 Burning Hand Spells did the trick. With that said, I already spoke with Hermione and Arigmon and Silvergirl, but I don't know how to proceed after this. I gave the baby to Hermione but Arigmon or Hermione won't give new dialogue options and SIlvergirl just disappeared after giving me her baby.

    What step am I missing?

  • I also did buy Hermione's Proof Gem in a store since I couldn't find it in the 3rd floor at all, looking at all the other posts here for Luko 4.

  • For that door, you need to do the switches there for it to open.

    For Argimon to talk to you after you gave Hermione the baby, do you have the Kladenec sword?

  • Hi, Cat. I gave the Baby to Hermione but Silvergirl disappeared after after she gave me her baby. I am confused on how to solve the jackpot puzzle though. My last few quests.
  • You need to talk to Argimon again but you need the Kladenec sword in your inventory. I will look at the door puzzle.
  • That little switch puzzle by the door is very painful. Choose any one switch. I chose the one to the left of the door. Keep switching it down and up until the door opens. You'll get Clicks and Bingo with that switch. Each time you get Bingo you get closer to the door open. After about 100 tries, it should open. Maybe sooner if you're lucky.

  • I got that door opened. :) Where do I get the sword? I spoke to Silvergirl and she just disappeared after giving me her baby and Hermione and Argimon are not giving me new options.
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    It's Argimon you want to talk to. But you need the sword to trigger the dialogue. You need to do a quest for a lady in Seversk Harbor-Suzi- or you can buy it from Phredd.

  • Hi, Cat. I believe I already completed that quest. See below.

    If it’s been months since I touch HOL IV and if I can’t find the sword, I can just buy it from Phredd. Where is he in this expansion? I’ve forgotten.
  • Phredd and Mrs. Phredd are in the Catacombs.

  • Sorry for asking again, Cat. I’ve got Marked areas for most of HOL IV, but I don’t remember what area the Catacombs are.
  • Sorry. Got confused with HOLV. Phredd in HOLIV is in the Yug River Valley.

  • Thank you. Last question. Is Silvergirl supposed to disappear after you get her baby? I can’t find a way to complete the quest.
  • Also, I bought the sword, but it also doesn’t allow me to finish the sword quest. Aside from Silvergirl and the sword, I completed all quests and got the credits.
  • After you get Proof from Hermione, if you go back to Silvergirl, she says, "Thank you for what you have done for me. Now it's my turn to do something for you. Here's the Kladenec Sword, a sword that will help you in your quest. Use it well. And please spare Argimon's life, please...I love him more than my life but not more than a free country of Lukomorye. Ahh, I can't look at you any further. I see nothing but death and tears and my love who will curse me to eternity. I must go."

    And she solves the baby quest and the sword quest.

    Hermione sets Silvergirl visible after you get the proof from her.

    This should work. I see no reason why not except a glitch. .

  • This is the same in both the Classic and HD versions.

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