Better Blade and Blessed Blade Help

I have the three quests in this series, Gather things, Get a better blade, Get a blessed blade. I have the Bewitched Blade and the emerald. The Green Man says to see the Lady of the Lake to make the blade stronger. When I talk to the Lady of the Lade "About a blade", she says "Why do you bother me? I came here to enjoy the solitude, etc. What a pretty emerald, but I have so many". I've tried high persuasion with her (didn't work), so can't figure out how to move on with this series of quests. I know I can purchase the Blessed Blade from Phredd, but would like to clear these quests.


  • You need the blade, Mind Magic greater than 90 and the Emerald of Wisdom.

  • Thank you. My Mind Magic was too low, but now I realized I must have sold the Emerald of Wisdom. I tend to sell off excess gems. Is there any way to get another one?

  • No but you can purchase the Blessed Blade from Phredd.
  • Thank you. So I can clear "Get a Blessed Blade", but not "Get a Better Blade". Is there no way to clear "Get a Better Blade" without the Emerald of Wisdom?

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    I forgot that Glenys sells the Emerald of Wisdom but it appears with a 1 out of 10 rarity so you'd have to sleep outside her shop quite a bit. She's in Merchants' Ford.

  • I was hoping someone sold it. Thank you for considering us foolish folk who accidentally sell quest items.
  • Not foolish. I used to and sometimes still do make quest items unsellable but then people lose them and need to buy them. And if people can sell things, they do. Thus needing to buy them back if they're a quest item. :)
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