Draconian sword and Snowballs

I have a few questions;
Great elemental lord; How do I obtain a draconian sword?

Put out the fires; I can't find of buy snowballs anywhere to get rid of the fires in the goldmine. I went to several shops, I tried sleeping for 7 nights tot reset, but no luck.
And I can't find droid 122 anymore.

Thank you for helping me further with these quests


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    Hi, welcome. There is a Morgaine's potion in Cursed Chess Set which I'm testing now. : )

    Are you playing the Classic version of the Quest or the HD version?

    To kill Hemma Royde, you need the Draconian Staff. See Mercinary:

    For Mercinary in the Miners' Guild, smelt a Draconian Staff to weaken Hemma Royde long enough for you to kill him. He gives you an ordinary staff. Take it and five pieces of Draconite to the smelting plant in Underground Level Two. You'll need to be a Miner Magister in order to mine Draconite. See Seivit the Miner in the Mineral Plains. You'll also need the smelting ability. It's sold by a dwarf.

    You can buy a chest of Snowballs from stores that sell Miscellaneous Items, like Koffman or Odd Lotho.

    Droid 122 is inside the Gold Mines. He disappears once you finish the Put out the fires quest.

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    Thank you so much you for responding and the information. I can't wait to play cursed chess set and drink my own potion.

    To be honoust I have no idea what version I am playing. I buy the games in the google playstore.
    I went around thirty times to Odd Lotho and Koffman, but they never seem to have the snowballs. I tried sleeping in an inn for 7 nights, but no luck. I understand that they are in a chest, right?

  • It's rarity is 1 out of 10 so you'd need to camp out for awhile. Possibly seven days and seven nights or 21 sleeps. : ) 7 nights won't do it. Don't forget to talk to Tom Greenie about putting out the fires.

  • Yes! After 5x21 nights sleeping I get the snowballs

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