Help. Forgot to pick up the Horolek

Made a mistake while fighting Glom the Destroyer in Zlatograd. I forgot to pick up the Horolek. I didn't even know about its existence at that time.
Since then I've solved lots of Quests, including the whole main storyline of Thor's Hammer.
I went back to Zlatograd after finding out about it but couldn't find the Horolek anywhere. Does that mean it's lost forever? Is there any way to get it?


  • Do you have an old save file?

  • Yes but unfortunately it's too old. I would have to go and redo a good chunk of the game. Well I guess it's better to just continue without the Horalek then. I was hoping it would respawn like the casteks.

  • No, because it was dropped. It's not something I want to give Phredd to sell because that kind of spoils things. However, if you are desperate, let me know. I could do that. Price 2 mil. : )

  • Hey!!! I have a Horalek. Wanna buy it? Cheap! Just kidding of course. I have finished the main quest, the most important quest (freeing Cat!), and most of the others - but no idea what it's purpose is? Likewise, I've been carrying around a Kolobok, Samovar, and a bag of Dragon Balls (which are beginning to smell funny) - but don't know the purpose of these items either?

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    Just drop them. But don't drop the Horalek unless you enchanted the sword Martelius gave you to the limit.

  • Are you playing Hero of Lukomorye I? You need the Horalek to do the final enchantment of the sword Martelius gives you. Glom the Destroyer drops it in the end game. If you haven't played the end game yet, just remember to pick it up.

    It's not really a big deal. You can get better swords in other expansions. I don't want to bother Elendil with an update for this right now as he's very busy. I might consider it in the future--that Phredd would sell it but not right now..

  • Thanks! Martelius blade is my only uncompleted quest. I have the Horalek and 8 Casteks but seem to have misplaced the blade somewhere, so can’t finish this quest. Great game! Now starting HoL2.

  • You don't need the Horalek for the main quest.

  • I'll give the Horalek to Phredd to sell in Hero of Lukomorye III.

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