Reanimator's Dungeon. Locked Door and 2 non-functioning Portals?

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to see if I can get help on something that seems odd. I just finished killing the Reanimator for the quest, and there are is still 1 door closed that I cannot open with a aggressive Warrior NPC inside. How do I open the door to defeat this monster?

I also see 2 non-functioning portals in the dungeon as well. Is that intentional?

Thank you for the help in advance. Sorry for spamming the Forums.


  • Nevermind. Found the solution for this.

  • Playing game for second time. I can’t find the reanimators lair, cant unlock gate in JJs Zombie realm. Please help

  • JT in the Guild can send you there if you do a quest for him.

    If you are in JT's zombie realm, you are in the Reanimators' Swamp Lair.

    Which door can't you unlock? One can't be unlocked. You have to enter another way.

  • The gate in the corridor leading from the teleporter / coffin room after the two side rooms,. Have killed all the monsters but none dropped a key. There was some dialogue about speaking to someone nut can’t find any one else ☹️

  • Sorry gate after the 6 side rooms

  • Sorry again I have found Deaths Despiser and got lab key

  • Are you ok then?
  • Yes thanks Cat. Don’t know what I’d do without your help

  • So my dumb question of the month. Seems I either sold or dropped some of the eye skulls so now I can’t complete the reanimator quests. Do they respawn in the lair or do I chalk these two quests up to carelessness. Thanks and btw I have thoroughly enjoyed this expansion, makes my head hurt sometimes.

  • They can't be sold so you must have them somewhere.

    There is an Undead Eye Skull on the ground in the far southeast of the Reanimator's Swamp Lair. It will respawn every 21 sleeps. You get to that section from a hole beyond a gate in the northeast of the room where the Reanimator was.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • I found that there are two npr’s that will buy the eye skulls and dragon skulls. I will have to just keep going back till I get what I need. Thanks for your help

  • I forgot about them.

    Here is where it is on the floor. It should respawn every seven days.

  • Thank you

  • So I waited for a while and went back and all the undead eyes were now back. I have 26 of the undead eye skulls and still can’t get the reanimated to talk to me. I tried dumping down to 15 with no affect. Any hints on what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you

  • So after posting my previous message I went back a found I had not got the robes and them promptly completed the quest. Murphy’s law rides again, I think he is a cousin lol

  • I'm glad you got through.

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