First Floor

Hi, everyone. With the release of Linmore, I am visiting my old character again. I finished most of the quests within HOL IV, but I am struggling with the First Floor and how to access the other floors...

Its been like 1 year since I played the expansion but I never actually completed it. Can someone help me? The I know I was wandering around earlier and he said there is a fake wall or something.

I already Freed Dr. Vlad and took
care of Knozey's Deaths.


  • There is a hole in the midwest but you can only access it if you finished the two quests Find Kozney's Death and Free Dr Vlad and have one of Argimon's belts, Life, Death or Chaos.

  • Am I missing something? I am at the part where the guy is talking about the Hole, but I don't see one. My screenshots are above. Is it because I hop around Expansions or am I missing something else?

  • Once you leave the first floor through that hole, it closes. Did you mark anywhere?

  • There is a gray candle on the wall shortly before where the hole was, tap it and you will once more reveal the hole. : )

  • Thanks for replying, Cat.

    I've tapped it, attacked it (the gray candle). I don't think I have anything Marked where I can teleport back to the 2nd floor. Maybe I vaguely remember teleporting out maybe a year or so ago? I just couldn't solve it so I went to a different expansion.

    Is there a way to fix this or is the only way to restart my character? Its currently level 97 and I hop around different expansions and quests.

  • That candle should work. I can put script just before you reach the hole but if you have a game glitch involving the hole, that won't work. However, I will try in an update.

  • OK. Thank you Cat, I am stuck on that part of the expansion. While that is getting fixed, I have just been working on Celtic Doom.

  • If the update doesn't work, let me know. I'll try something else.

  • Hey, Cat. I just wanted to let you know, after I updated the HD version on my IPhone. Like you said and I recently got the new update that keeps the hole open per the Apple update you rolled out. I am able to proceed to the Second Floor. Thank you again for all your help!

  • You're very welcome! ^^

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