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Michele Laconto's Guide to the Fortress of Glass (Classic Version but much pertains to HD):
These are the quests you'll need to get through the Fortress. Find the key to the fortress for Robert 9001 in Boardroom of the Gods. Avenge King Locrinus' death and wake Habren for Old Shaman in Boardroom of the Gods. Kill Taran and his henchmen Storm, Drench and Hail for Wizardz in Boardroom of the Gods. Kill Aife and her band for Lady Albine. Help the Ice Witch. Recover the Glass Demon’s soul. Bring a lockpick, a diamond cutter and repair a blade for Alfie. Steal Queen Guen's Ring for Ronak in Boardroom of the Gods. Bury the bones for King Locrinus’ spirit in the Dungeons. Restore the hammers for Urstus the Grand Master in the Ironworkers' Guild (One hammer is in the Queen\'s Room). Poison Habren (if you make the choice to). Also, find the 'Slender Items' and 'Shock Items'.

You'll need the 'Glass Key' to get inside. You get the quest to find the You need to find the King Locrinus' ghost on the second floor of Castle Loegria through a mirror in the Queen Guen's Chamber.

The entrance to the fortress is to the south between a couple of bushes. Enter and head to the second floor.

You can do the quest for Lady Albine behind the door there, to kill Aife and her band. They are just outside the fortress to the northwest.

Open the gate to the east. You'll need to kill the Storm Demons- one will drop a 'Coffin Key'. You'll need a few of these keys to get the 'Slender Items'.

Tap the casket you find in this area to find the 'Slender Shield'. You'll need to take the teleport to the south. You will be teleported to the Domain of the Ice Demons. You'll find the 'Stone Key' on a statue behind one of the doors in this area. Teleport back and open the gate.

This area is the Glass Catacombs area. There are five switches you'll need to find to open the way to the next area. In the first hall you will need to tap a torch on the north wall and hit the pillar to the east of it and tap the red tapestry behind it.

You'll need to tap the coffins in the next area to awaken Zombies. You'll need to kill them to get the 'Zombie Lockpicks'. Hit the white wall to the north and the wall beyond it, to find another casket. Use a 'Zombie Lockpick on it to get the 'Slender Leggings'. Tap the other caskets to find the 'Slender Helm'.

Go through the gate to the south into the next area. Step on the switchplate directly south of the door. Hit the white section of wall nearby and tap the mirror behind it.

Follow the hall leading to the northeast. Tap the caskets along the eastern wall to find the last switch. The gold gate to the north should now open. You'll find the 'Unholy Key' in this area after killing the Frost Demon here.

Open the gate to the west with the 'Unholy Key'. in this area you'll find Count of Coffins. You\'ll need to pay him or kill him to get to the \'Slender Armor\' in the casket in the center of the room.

You\'ll find a Credne\'s Repair hammer in the smoke column near the gate on the west side of the room. You\'ll need it plus strength of 26+ to fix a teleport in that room to the west. Once you fix the teleport and travel across, you\'ll find the \'Ice Key\'.

In the area to the east, you\'ll find a casket that you\'ll open with the \'Ice Key\' to find the \'Slender Sword\'. You\'ll need to equip all of the \'Slender Items\' to open the door to the Slender Man\'s Room. Kill the Slender Man and head to the door in the north part of the large room.

Go up to the \'Towers\' area. If you head north and around to the west, you\'ll find a \'Storm Demon\'. Talk to it and you\'ll be warped to the area where \'Storm\' is. You\'ll need to find and kill an \'Icy Bones\' to get the \'Storm Key\'. Use the \'Storm Key\' to open the gate where \'Storm\' is. Kill \'Storm\' and head back to the teleport.

Go back around the wall to the southeast again. There\'s a door to the north that can\'t be opened yet. Look a little east of it to find an odd colored wall that you\'ll need to hit with your weapon. Hit the next section of wall also. You\'ll find a \'Storm Key\' on the shelf there. This will open the gate to the east near the \'Ice Witch\'. To help her, you need the \'Ritual Magic Ability\'.

Use the \'Storm Key\' and go through the gate. In this area you\'ll find the \'Glass Demon\'. He needs help to recover his soul from a blue \'Wind Weaver\'. Kill the right weaver in the next area, and bring back the demon\'s soul.

Another blue \'Wind Weaver\' will drop the \'Wet Key\'. This will open the door to \'Drench\'. When you eliminate \'Drench\', the gate that you couldn\'t open earlier, will now be opened and you\'ll be warped to the area where the \'Storm Demon\' was. There will be an active teleport in front of you. This teleport will bring you back to the area that \'Storm\' was.

Go back around the corner to the southeast again and find the gate that is now open. You\'ll run into an \'Oily Spider\'. Kill it and be sure you get the \'Spider Oil Potion\'. You\'ll need this plus a \'Candle\' (bought in the Bookshop or from Fionna in Albion) to make a \'Super Candle\'.

You\'ll find an area here with a 5x5 floor pattern of cracks that you need to cross. Count four cracks over to the east. Walk three paces north. You should be warped to a crack along the west wall. Go one pace west, one pace north, one pace west and then go north to be across. Find the torch along the north wall with the sign by it. Tap it to make a \'Super Candle\' from the \'Candle\' and \'Spider Oil Potion\'

Go to the west side of the room and tap the pink wall to blow it open. \'Hail\' is here. Once you defeat \'Hail\', you\'ll be warped back to the area with the teleports again.

To the north, there will now be stairs. Up to the next level of the \'Towers\'. The teleport next to the stairs just sends you back down to the teleport area. There\'s a note on the floor from Merlin telling you that you need a \'Harlequin Shirt\', \'Belled Cap\' and \'Harlequin Pants\' to be able to get in to see Queen Guen. It says to look for chests. Then, head to the \'Shocking Room\'.

The \'Shock Armor\' is in a vase along the north wall here. You also need to find the three \'Old Chests\' on the shelves there and bring them to the boy Alfie. He will open the first one for you, send you to find his \'Fine-pointed Lockpick\' for the next one, then you\'ll need to find his \'Diamond Cutter\'. He will need you to repair his lockpick. You need 41+ repair skill and know the burning hand spell. Equip the items and head to the Queen\'s area. Talk to the Queen\'s Gaurd to get in.

The guards will attack you. Merlin will be disguised as the only guard that doesn\'t attack you. He will give you a disguise of King Locrinus to wear when you talk to her. (Guen\'s ring that you need, is in a room beyond the blue gate). If you open the blue gate with the \'Storm Giant\' is, be sure you know the \'Rain of Nails\' spell to defeat him. (You get this spell from Tar Na Thal in the Wizard\'s Lair). In the second room here, the \'Divine Lightning\' blade, \'Guen\'s Ring\' and the \'Hammer of Disorder\' are located on shelves. There\'s a slightly yellow colored wall in the northeast corner near the Queen. Hit it to reveal stairs down to the \'Dungeons\'.

You\'ll find the rest of the \'Shock Items\' down here in barrels. There\'s a \'Shock Helm\', \'Shock Shield\', \'Shock Armor\' and \'Shock Leggings\'. You need these to defeat Taran. You\'ll get the \'Queen\'s Key\' from a \'Poisonous Spider\'. To open the bone gate, you need to answer a riddle from the skeleton near the gate. (No is the answer). The remains of King Locrinus are there also.

Be sure to have equiped all of the \'Shock Items\' to be able to open the door to where Taran is.

Poison Habren?
Once you defeat Taran, you\'ll find Madden, Habren\'s brother. He wants you to poison Habren. The choice is yours!

HD version: The lockpick is definitely in the well in the mid east of that level. But on the bottom floor, not on the top floor where Alfie is. I found it when testing. The Diamond Cutter you get from a floor switch on the same level but also downstairs not far from that well.

If you can't find the Diamond Cutter, you can buy it in Credne's shop.
Michele LaConto's Guide to finding the Kelpie (only can be found at night):

Michele Laconto's Guide to finding the Cup of Three Wishes:
Cup of Three Wishes (Celtic Rift)

This quest is from Marshall in Boardroom of the Gods, free the goddess Coventina. You can't wake Habren without her help. You'll need the Chalice of Restoration and Cup of Three Wishes to restore her strength.
You'll need the quest to wake Habren from Old Shaman in the Boardroom of the Gods also.
There's a hole with a ladder next to Elvira's hollow tree.
You'll need the Ritual Magic Ability from the Cauldron Witch to be able to repair it on the table next to Elvira's hollow tree.
You get into Nodens' Cave via the Sunken Mirror Room and you get into the Sunken Mirror Room via Nodens' Temple which is in the River Lub.

Guide to the Sunken Mirror Room:
A real spoiler---read at your own peril of being spoiled. : )
When first in the Mirror Room, enter the northern mirror.
When you land, turn around and enter the southern mirror.
When you land, enter the southern mirror.
When you land, enter the only mirror in the room.
When you land, enter the northern mirror.
When you land, enter the southern mirror.
When you land, enter the northern mirror to exit the Mirror Room.
Michele LaConto's Guide to the location of the Night Witch:
You will need the quest from Rhitta, the guardian of the gate to the Otherworld in Lydney Sands and from the Dwarf Aeda outside the Fortress of Brugh.
Rhitta will send you to find a magical drinking cup for her. Aeda the Dwarf will have you find the Night Witch and bring her a flower before he will carry you to Lubdan Island. Tap/hit the fountain there to find the Magical Drinking Cup.
Michele\'s Guide to Killing the Living Bog Men

This quest is for Adrastus in Boscawen Marsh he wants you to kill the Bog Men who disturb the graves there.

You\'ll need the \'Cripple\' spell from a Druid Priest in the Plain of Stones circle of stones. You need to remove all of the standing stones in the Dark Ritual area with Rune gems to activate the pentacle there. You can buy Rune Gems if your mind magic is high enough from Sybelle in the Bay of the Fisher Folk area. You\'ll need 10 Rune Gems. Tap all of the standing stones. Step on the pentacle to activate it. When you get to the next circle of standing stones, step on the pentacle to the south. Talk to the Druid Priest in the next circle of standing stones. He will give you the \'Cripple\' spell. Find the Living Bog Men and kill them!

If they don\'t die completely, try resting for seven game days and try again.
Michele LaConto's Guide to Waking Habren:
Wake Habren for Old Shaman in Boardroom of the Gods. Free and wake Habren, the King\'s daughter, who lies sleeping under Lydney Sands. You\'ll have to send Queen Guen to the Otherworld and kill Taran the Thunder god before you can wake her. You\'ll also need the help of the god Nodens and the goddess Coventina. Habren is in Lydney Caves. You get there through the Formorian Pirates\' Cave in the Bay of Bald Rocks.
Talk to Drest in the house in the Bay of Bald Rocks area about pirates. Find the Dwarf Soldier on the Island of Jagged Stones to the east. You need to ask him about his axe. You\'ll need his \'Blood Axe\' to break the rock blocking the entrance to the Pirate\'s Cave. You\'ll need to find all of his items first. When you get into the Pirate Tunnels, these are the side tunnels that you\'ll take to get there.

You\'ll need the Hammer of the Witch to break the rocks in the northern part. You get this from Nodens.

Michele LaConto's Guide to Cleaning the Pollution:
This quest is from Dribble the Dwarf in Kentavon Canal area.

Find the pollution and clean it up.
You'll need to find the "Scrub Brush" weapon in the hole with the ladder in the canal. It's in a brown pile. Swing it at the green sludge spots in the canal. There's an orange colored bush behind the houses that you can hit/tap to remove it, so you can reach one of the four spots.

Michele LaConto's Guide to Ritual Magic Ability:
Lake of Llyn Cau Area- Helping the Cauldron Witch, Exploring the Lake, Finding Albion's Club, the Cup of Restoration, Getting the Jade Eye Amulet From the Lake Witch and Recieving the Ritual Magic Ability (Celtic Rift)

You'll need the quests from Old Shaman to free and wake Habren, Free and restore Nodens for Moth in Boardroom of the Gods, Free and restore Coventina for Marshall in Boardroom of the Gods, Persuade the giant Albion to give up the Chalice of Restoration for Darkstare in Boardroom of the Gods, Explore the lake for Albion, King of the Giants, in the Cliffs of Llyn Cau, cure Duchess Cyndianna for Fenwin in Lydney Park, of the Damp Disease and send her back to her own time. She's in Lydney Village. You’ll need the ritual magic ability and you can only get that from the Cauldron Witch in Lake of Llyn Cau, for the Cauldron Witch in Lake of Llyn Cau, free her sister from being the captive of the Living Bog Men.

You'll need to find the Horned Giant Frog in the southeast area of Under the Lake for Albion's Club.

To find the boot polish on Isle of Jagged Stones, try tapping bushes and rocks if you haven\'t already. By the way, if you're trying to get into the cave, you need a blood ax which you can get at a blacksmith...that's how i did it at least. --Gizmoccxr

Tumin is an Orc in the Shores of Flame. You need Elvira\'s locket to get Tumin to talk to you about her--it\'s not sellable so you should have it unless you dropped it.

How remove the boulders to get to the Pirates: First you might need a quest to remove the pirates (or maybe the seeds of time quest) -- Then (I believe) it was the burning hand spell. – TripG

How find the pieces of the Cup of Three Wishes:
One you step on, one is dropped by enemy. The other is found by tapping/hitting a bush in the far northern part of a cave.
You need the cup restored to rescue Coventina: You need to put together the cup first, otherwise it won\'t work. You put it together on a table next to a hollow tree near where you got your cup pieces. You need the ritual magic ability to put it back together –kdkorz10211

Location of Slender Leggings-Fortress of Glass: Slender leggings. From the row of three coffins running NS where you woke two zombies by tapping on their coffins and got the slender helm, go N. Hit the white wall. You\'re now in a dead end. Hit the N wall. Open the coffin.

Build the Bridge for the Addanc: You need the Iron Maul. : ) With that and five bags of wood, that should do it. The wood cutter nearby sells wood by the way.

To get through the shield before Guen’s Castle: Well, it\'s a magical barrier... Can you think of any spells that might disarm it?—kdkorz10211

How get back to Boardroom of the Gods: There\'s a teleporter in the block south of the village of Albion that\'ll send you there. –kdkorz10211
Albion responds well to persuade and mind magic depending on which topic you’re talking about. You need Moth\'s quest to find and free Nodens before Albion will talk to you about that topic and persuade of over 18 which you more than competently have. : )

Get all the quests from the Boardroom of the Gods before you venture out.

You need the quest from Urstus the Grandmaster in the Ironworkers\' Guild in the north before Albion will talk to you about hammers.

How reach Dripina’s house: Find the orange or brownish colored bushes and tap them....—Michele Laconto You need this quest also- Talk to the Addanc- For Halbor the innkeeper in Lydney Village, talk to the Addanc Mita in River of the Addancs to gain the ability to see Addancs.—Moth

How access Fortress of Glass if you have the key: There\'s an entrance between a couple of bushes near a Druid Shaman standing around. (I believe to the southern side) – Michele Laconto

Find lockpick for Alfie in Fortress of Glass: There\'s a dry fountain in one of hail storm or drench\'s room. Can\'t remember which one. –Moth

Sign by Merlin in Fortress of Glass: two signs by Merlin. One says to light a candle you need a candle and poison, the other sign is by a pink section of wall that says Blast it! If you have spider oil from a certain spider and a candle which you can probably buy if you don\'t have one, you can light that unlit candle and get a Super candle. If you have the Super candle, you can get blast your way through that pink wall.

The goblin in the south of bay of fisherfolk sells sheets

To find Habren: You have to talk to the pirates, they\'ll send you in the right direction... In exchange for a favor of course---Hamm

Entrance to Sunken Mirror Room: If you mean to the Sunken Mirror Room itself----it\'s via a mirror in the Temple of Nodens---you need the Sphere of Illumination to enter the mirror in Nodens Temple that leads to the Sunken Mirror Room.

Where you can get Merlin's Orb Pieces:
Magician in Southeast of Dummonia Village.
Magista who sells potions in Village of Boscawen
Magician in Avalonia

Where are the music sheets: They are in Boscawen Village. Some of them are in bushes, some are found just by walking around. There's one in a barrel and a few you can get by talking to the people around the village. --NinjaofQuest

You can find the Lydney Caves entrance by going through the last door in the Pirates' Lair, which is accessed through the Caves in the Bay of Bald Rocks. –NinjaofQuest
OThis is Old Shaman's Walkthrough--

Old Shaman's Guide to his garden of moving trees:
Welcome to my garden. Your task is to get a gift from a resident of the garden, but first you need to get hold of the tree master.
As you enter the garden you might notice a buddha statue to the east. Go talk to it.
The trees in this garden are afraid of humans and will randomly jump to another place if a human is seen to approach.
Approach the trees twice so that they move. Then go talk to the buddha again. There is another buddha in the garden but ignore it (him?) for now.
Go chase the trees one or two more times.
Return to the buddha and he will give you a cloak of invisibility, which will make it possible to approach the trees without them jumping away. Once you have noted this enter the group of trees from the south and speak to the treemaster
Having done so go to the second buddha and he will give you the gift you desire.


  • About Old Shaman’s Garden (Celtic Rift HD):
    I have spoken to the buddha and gave him the book of magic tricks and the beer.
    Now looking for the tree master. but everything is disappeared! There are no group of trees, no jumping trees, no comments.......What do i do wrong? When i speak to any buddha in this area, i can not get the cloak of invisibility! Please help!

  • Liz and I both tested this several times. The scripts are random on the trees so you need to have patience.

  • Thanks for the replay.
    I waited for days, left this place, came back but there are no trees! It is like this quest have been solved, but it definitely is not. Like i said there are no jumping trees. Do i have to wait? Is that what you mean by random scripts?

  • You have to walk around a lot in that area. The scripts are on the ground and they make things appear and disappear randomly. I don't know what else to say as this was tested and recently retested. It does work.

  • Maybe this will help. The x's on the ground are scripts that set some trees visible or hidden. They only work right if you have the robe the Buddha on the right gives you. When you have that robe, walk around.

    The Treemaster is the pine I circled in the northeast. You need to tap it when it's visible.

    The Buddha (wierd metal looking object on the east) will give you a quest to get him some beer and a puzzle book. In return, he'll give you the robe you need.

    The Buddha (similar wierd metal looking object) in the middle gives you your reward after you tap the Tree Master.

  • Please, where is the cave of the dana people?
  • Rom the temple of Nodens. That's in the River Lub.

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