Need for Spells

Does Curse of Linmore require use of Attack Magic to complete any of the quests or defeat any of the creatures? I am trying to play a non (or very limited) magic user. Some of the past expansions required (or at least strongly encouraged) the use of attack magic spells like Ice Bucket or Camel Goad. Sure, scrolls or wands were a possibility, but they were tedious to find and limited in use. Thank you. I am looking forward to playing this latest expansion.


  • Unfortunately, yes.

  • Are the quests that require Attack Magic main storyline quests or side quests, and can I purchase scrolls or wands instead of learning the actual spells?

  • They aren't main storyline quests and you can purchase scrolls of Calm but the quest for Duke Parkway requires a quest from Liz and you need to learn the spell. You can look at the quest list here.

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