cursed stones

I thought I had all 6 but I'm missing one. I can remember getting one in mudlum village on the streets and maybe one in sewers somewhere. Maybe clavacool. One by hitting a colored column. Bidwell Abbey crypt? That's about all I can recall. Im running around in circles. I cannot find that last stone. Any help that is more specific than the Olc Mhors life note that someone gave me would be greatly appreciated.


  • I think you missed one by a nun in Dingle Pool:

    Spoiler alert:

    Cursed Stones:
    High pass on tombstone.
    Dingle Pool on green candle
    Red column Clavacool Sewers
    Grubbstone Abbey . Father Finn drops it.
    Bidewell Abbey Crypt green column.
    Jenny Gemtips Mudlum Village outside the Butcher Shop

  • That was the missing one. Im not sure if I ever went to Dingle Pool at night. It doesnt matter I was sure it was somewhere down in Bec's Well. My focus was there. Thanks for the guidance.
  • You're welcome. ^^

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