Trouble with Awaken the Bogatyrs

Update sent to Elendil. If you're on Steam, it's already uploaded.

Igor the Bogatyr in the Yug River Valley can help you if you have trouble solving the Awaken the Bogatyrs quest.

(Phredd has to much to do. Igor's house is right near his house in the Yug River Valley.


  • I can’t remember how to get to River subterra. I’m outside Frostya’s place. I know I need to find Solomon….just got total brain fog atm….I have already been there, ages ago, and done it all but it was bugged, and now I’ve overwritten my previous save with it on! Help!

  • From a hole in a wall in the southwest of the Village of Ray.

  • Okies, thanks.

  • And the village of Ray is where?….lol…

  • You get there from the River Subterra. You get to the River Subterra from Solomon's Crypt. I think what you want to do is get to the boat in Solomon's Crypt. You have to talk to Solomon to be able to use his boat. Frostya can take you to the Ferryman of Souls.

  • Hmmm, thanks. I keep speaking to Frostya and all she offers me is to go to is Trials not Torture….strange. I guess I’m missing something….especially as I’ve done it all before! Thanks for the help.

  • edited March 29

    Did you buy a ticket from her for 50,000 gold? If you went there before and it was bugged, perhaps the bug remains. Let me know if this persists. I could do an update to give you another option to get to the Island of the Ferryman.

  • Thanks, and yes it persists. I have tried different times of day and night, waiting for a weeek etc and still no joy. Thanks for the help.

  • I'll do an update so that Igor the Bogatyr in the Yug River Valley will send you there for a price.

  • Many thanks. Most appreciated.

  • Any idea of when this update to Igor will happen? Also is there any way to get rid of the time limited quest Burgle for Mayana? I’ve had it for ages and have obviously missed the 24 hr hand in…..thnx , in advance.

  • It's already up at Steam because I do that update. Elendil does the others and is always pretty prompt but has to wait for approval. I can't do anything about Mayana because I can't update the main game, only Redshift can. You might ask in their forum but I think Elendil has his hands full right now.
  • Okies, thnx for the update. I’ll keep trying, every so often.

  • Finally! All done. Thanks for the help/ advice…roll on next expansion.

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