Prove you’re worthy

I must be missing something obvious but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get past the two “enchanted rocks” that triggers an event that knocks you back.


  • Where are these rocks?

  • Directly in front of and to the right of my arrow

  • You need to have an item named 'A Bomb' 💣 within your Inventory in order to destroy those boulders. I suggest that you retrace your steps back as you might have missed obtaining that item. 😗 (But beware, explosives are very dangerous to utilize, so be sure to have plentiful of Health Potions beforehand. 😅)

    Also, just a small tip: some of the walls within Haematite Mines are actually destructible. 😙

  • Of COURSE it’s the walls 😅 I always forget to check the walls. Thank you!

  • @LadyDana said:
    Of COURSE it’s the walls 😅 I always forget to check the walls. Thank you!

    You're most welcome there. ☺️👍

  • I'm stuck in the hallway just before these rocks - there's a teleporter that keeps sending me back a couple of steps. Is it possible that I've softlocked myself by not having the laser sword to give to the boy? I also responded that I'd have to think about the $2M that the ghoul offered to me.

    I've been through this expansion before, and I've already checked all of the walls and teleporters. I'm just so confused right now because I don't remember having trouble with this in the past...

  • I can't check this until tomorrow night because am at relatives for the holiday but I am pretty sure those are your two problems.

  • That's unfortunate. It'll mean losing some progress loading an old save. I'll wait until you confirm though. Thanks Cat!

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    I just checked. All you need is a bomb to blow up the rocks. See Mystic Fury's post up above where to find it. Neither the boy nor the demon have anything to do with removing those rocks.

  • Hi Cat,

    I have the bomb, and I can't reach the blocks. Those blocks are about 4 steps farther than I'm capable of traversing.

    When I attempt to go through the hallway southwest about 4 spaces, I get pushed back.


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    Is there any way you can put up a small picture of where you are exactly?

    You can only blow up the rocks in the pic above by moving north, not by moving south.

  • You're before the area you blow up. A stalagmite there is coded that if you failed to give Wendish your weapon, you fail the Asteroid Mage's test to probe your worth and you have to start over to pass that area. It happens right near the beginning so it's easy to start over.

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    How dare you. I'm the worthiest.

    My friends all say so.

    Besides - should kids be playing with laser swords, hanging out all alone in a sci-fi dystopian dungeon? Mmmhmm. That's what I thought.

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