Strange Key

This was left after I completed the main quest.
It's a small green key. I'm just wondering if it has any use?


  • It's called " Strange Key ".
  • It's the key to my prison in Argimon's Dungeon. If you found me, you have no further use for it. : )

  • Happy to say that I found you. Thanks Cat. 🙂
  • Here is where that key is. : )

  • edited February 2023

    Oh Cat, you're so strange in Luko 1: Kidnapping Norbert to extract a spell, then trying to kill Argimon with one of your most powerful spells? He thought you were going to kill Norbert and was tortured by it... Sure, that's strange too. More or less reasonable I think, Argimon seems way too quick to take offense. Too bad the "kill Argimon" part was stuck in my head before I wrote this post :blush: I guess you could have gotten mighty magic from Norbert, but that would have killed Argimon or something.

  • The events in Argimon's dungeons are designed by Argimon the Deathless. I am a mere captive in HOLI. : )

  • *popped in to leave catnips, fresh bowl of water and huge bowl of Friskies* “Just in case new ones forgot to rescue you “-❤️❤️
  • Thank you so much for the catnip, water and Friskies. Friskies are my favorite. : )

  • Y'all make me smile! Thank you
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