Finished Asteroids I

I finished asteroids I. A decent expansion. Puzzles were tricky but not impossible. Difficulty and equipment draws were my only complaint really, I find players could get a little too OP easily, considering it is a level 4 expansion, minor complaint though, just thought I’d make it clear. Quests were fun as always! Loved the mining sections, neat little mechanic you guys added there. The futuristic aspect was interesting well maintaining a fantasy feeling, well done. Gold farming was fun as well. Seeing myself get to 600,000 gold selling gear and other things. Some would see that as a complaint but I loved that aspect!

Overall a 8/10 expansion. Good stuff


  • Congratulations! I'm glad you enjoyed it. OP is a problem with so many expansions and so many players of different levels. Try just not equipping the harder hitting items. Try playing as a monk with a staff. :smiley:
  • Yea that wasn’t really a problem for me, just a very minor nitpick. By the way, I love how you guys put beta testers and devs for the expansion, hidden in names. Nice touch!
  • Also wanted to ask is Asteroids II coming out any time soon? Thought I’d ask, have a good day. (As I really enjoyed asteroids I) don’t feel pressured though, take your time.
  • Working on porting Cursed Chess Set next. Then a new one suggested by some players here, a post apocalyptic world of zombies and liches. Then, the others. : ) I already started testing Cursed Chess Set or I could do Asteroids II, but it will be coming sometime this year.

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