Romulo's place

How do I get through the door in Romulo's place?
Thanks in advance


  • If you got inside, you need the quest 'Lift the Curse'--For Manager Seamus, Veteran Cyclops' Shady Rest Retirement Home, Lake Gidigich, find the source of the evil happenings at the rest home and lift the curse.

  • Catacomber, thanks for the response. I have that quest... I can't get through the door.

  • Do you mean the first door? C3, H5, N3. Anything else should be 0, then tap the gate.

  • Please help me on this!
    I put the counter H5-N3-Oo but the C-counter stays on the number 4294967295!! I hope i dont have to count this down until 3!!
  • The numbers need to be:
    C 3
    H 5
    N 3
    O 0

    I hate to say it, but that's the only combo that will work to open the door. Can you push the button that minuses one from that huge number on C?

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    That oddly looks like a 4 byte counter flip, which would be: 4,294,967,295 or FF FF FF FF. Can you try adding +1 to it see if it flips back? I'd think +1 might roll it back to 0 (zero)

    Basically with no bounds checking 00 00 00 00 minus one ends up being FF FF FF FF so in theory with no bounds checking a full 4 byte counter of 4,294,967,295 plus one, MIGHT roll it back to zero.

  • I sincerely hope it does. : )

  • I have the “Lift the curse” quest. Hitting the plus button (with or without the ok) has no effect. The counters all stay at 0. Suggestions?
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    I think so many people have so many expansions enabled that the engine gets somehow confused when it comes to triggering globals. I'll put a simpler method to open the door. Either method should work in an update. In the update, look for a green candle.
  • I haven‘t played for quite a while and when I enabled Limore I found myself still deep in HOLI without any recollection where to find what - so I have no idea where I can find Romulo. Please help!

  • The entrance to Romulo's Lab is in the Lowlands which is in the southwest of the map.

  • Thank you so much - ofc I started looking in the north before asking here :D :D

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