Painful throat

Met Rafi and have the task and the stolen sword.
Can’t seem to find him anymore in The Oasis of Three Swords.
Not sure how to move forward.
What am I missing?


  • Didn't Rafi informed you that he's heading over to the next 'Oasis' beforehand..? 😗

    He's right over at Oasis of Three Wells. 🙂

  • Missed that. Thanks!

  • @Nivek said:
    Missed that. Thanks!

    You're welcome there. ☺️👍

    Also, a small advice for you, always pay close attention to the NPCs' dialogue in your future adventures, for their dialogue may sometimes have clues for your answers there. 😉

  • I screenshot whenever an npc says something that could be valuable. Playing on Android, and pressing the power and down volume buttons together takes a screenshot for me. Your phone may be different, if that's where you play The Quest.

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