too late to rescue catacomber?

If Agrimon no longer teleports me to his dungeon, do I have to leave Catacomber locked up? (I'm OK with that - I freed Catacomber in HOL II already...


  • I'll just rot there, admiring the rats. : ) No, if you bring Argimon his helm without rescuing me, I'll have to wait for someone else to do it. No problem. Thank you for freeing me in HOLII. : ) Meow.

  • Cat, it will unintentional. If it is of any consolation, I'll be stuck with that quest in my active quest list forever

  • It's ok. You'll have other opportunities to rescue me. There is one expansion, I forget which where you can solve old unsolved quests. Wait for that. I'll ask about what needs solving anew.

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    Pls delete and don't look at history
  • Catacomber, thanks for all for the help. HoL 1 is now done as is HoL2.

    I'll have to download another one soon.

  • Congratulations on finishing!

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