Kill the Nagas

I think I’ve killed everything in the Lair or the Drac Nagas And rescued Azura.
But Sphinx says I haven’t.
Am I missing something?

In the Crypt of the Dracon in the Tower of Dracon there is a red door that I don’t have a key for.
Is that related?


  • The Drac Nagas that Sphinx refers to are the ones that resides at Underwater Reef. Are you certain that you did slay all of the Drac Nagas within that area? 😗

    Also, the Crypt of the Dracon is completely irrelevant with the quest "Kill the Nagas". It's just simply serves as an mini dungeon, that is all. 😙 Also, regarding about the key, did you check those torches on the walls beforehand...? 😉

  • Where is the entrance to the Underwater Reef?

  • A hole in the upper northeast of the Last Days' Hall. Look for a bone gate with a lever.

  • That did the trick. Thank you!

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    @Nivek said:
    That did the trick. Thank you!

    Wait... Didn't you implied that you have already rescued Azura in the first place? 😕 Because Azura WAS being held prisoner over at Underwater Reef, and since you said that you had already rescued Azura beforehand, then you should have been able to realize where that area was in the first place.. 😕

  • Just forgot where it was…

  • @Nivek said:
    Just forgot where it was…

    Ah, I see.. 😯

    No worries then ☺️👍, we all often tends to get forgetful once in a while.. 😅 (I mean, I have been there too as well..)

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