Awaken habren

I have taken out all three henchmen cleared the glass fortress, and the thunder god hasn’t appeared, I also can’t give habren the crown, he keeps asking for help. I have that lightning sword, am I missing something here?


  • I’ve also dealt with the queen by sending her to the otherworld and visiting here there
  • Also sound like there are enemies stuck behind the walls and can’t rest near the prince, things I’m fully stuck and can’t proceed
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    Just out of curiosity, did you located all of the Shock equipments (Shock Armor, Shock Leggings, Shock Helm, Shock Shield) before you tried to confront Taran the Thunder God? 😗

    Also, regarding with Lydney Caves, there is indeed a monster behind one of those walls (somewhere around north-eastern side of Lydney Caves, quite close to Habren's "Coffin"), for its reason was simply to give the "horror atmosphere" purposes. 😅 (That hidden monster can still be killed though by casting AOE spells such as "Fireball" for example. You just have to hurl those AOE spells on the walls for a few times in order to successfully kill it 😉)
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    Yes I have all the shock armor. Also price madden is stood in the room near where the queen is, He doesn’t do anything when I talk to him either. And I can’t see a thunder god anywhere
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    Prince Madden won't have much to say until you kill Taran the Thunder God. He's here.
    He's standing to the right of Prince Madden. The red arrow in the upper middle of the pic is pointing right at him, the green cyclops. Are you sure you didn't kill him?

    What does Madden say when you talk to him? Do you have the quest Awaken Habren from Old Shaman?

    How far have you gotten with Habren. What does she say to you?

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    Hmm... 🤔 I assumed that you did talked to Wizardz at the Boardroom of the Gods for the quest "Kill Taran and his henchmen" beforehand, correct? 😗

    Also, just out of curiosity once more, did you come across and interact with specific objects/surroundings along your way before you confront Taran the Thunder God? 😗 If you tap on specific objects/surroundings, you would suddenly get struck by a "Lighting Bolt" (or "Lighting Storm", I can't tell the difference. 😅🤷🏻‍♂️) and you also gets a message that implies 'Something malevolent strikes you'. (Uncertain if I got the message right, but it's somewhat close, I think. 😅🤷🏻‍♂️) I'm guessing that those 'interactions' could be the missing factors that you need to get it done first before you could confront Taran the Thunder God itself, perhaps? 😗
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    When I speak to habren he just says “help me”.
    When I speak to madden he says “stay clear of me”. I’m not able to hand in the quest to kill the henchmen, even though all 3 are eliminated.

    When I walk around the room with madden though there seems to be an enemy still nearby as I can hear it living around and can’t rest

    Also quest giver to kill them henchmen assumes I haven’t yet as he’s still asking me to eliminate them
  • Ah, that would means that Taran the Thunder God somehow managed to 'phase through' the walls while you're approaching it. 😯

    To fix this issue, simply go to any Inn and rest for 7 days, then return back to the Fortress of Glass to try confronting Taran the Thunder God again. 🙂 (Or better yet, cast "Mark" around the area close to where Taran the Thunder God is normally at before you leave the Fortress of Glass for the Inn. 😙)
  • This has solved my problem! Thank you so much, I’ve been searching that tower for days 😂
  • You're most welcome. ☺️👍
  • That was brilliant, MysticFury.

  • @Catacomber said:
    That was brilliant, MysticFury.

    It's nothing really, Catacomber. 😅 It's just simply a simple solution, that is all. 😙

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