Pogan scurvy cure

I’m trying to cure the mayor, and searched far and wide for the cure. Alas, can’t find it. And recently, I just contracted it myself. …where to go? Or can I find it by talking with someone now that I’m infected also?


  • Found out Gaff has some useful information. He can be found on Swamp Island

  • Ohhhhh I’ll be damned. I think I’ve already received a fresh May apple somehow, but now that I have been adventuring around looking for the scurvy cure, maybe I’ve lost the apple. And I can’t cure the mayor. Any place to get a new fresh May apple? I think I got the apple last time from some quest, so I don’t know where to go buy a new one …. Ohhhhhhhhhh

  • Create food - hoooray, mayor quest solved!

  • Congratulations on getting through!
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