Highspeedg8r's solution to clearing the quest 'Princess Dea's Cousin'

I’ve figured out how to reproduce the issue and how to clear it properly. After you talk to Mandy, you have to speak to Dea again, then speak to Dara, and then go to Dyah and save Tari. If you go straight to Dyah and save Tari, you will be unable to clear the quest and Dea has no dialogue for Tari. You also can’t get the calming staff from Dara unless you talk to Dea first. Because I already had the calming staff it was easy to skip talking to Dara which could lead to the quest not clearing. I know this is an old thread but hope it helps for future players.


  • One other item worth noting in this quest is that Mandy gives an option to enchant Dea’s (Mersant’s) ring. Oddly she will make this offer even before you get Dea’s quest if you find her first. If you find the ring and return it to Dea before talking to Mandy, the enchant option from Mandy is obviously unavailable. Since you may find the ring very quickly, decide whether you want to explore Mandy’s offer before returning the ring.

  • This helped me! Thanks!

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