The witch curse …

I am in the jail but don’t have the right key to open the door to get to Villi and it doesn’t open by magic. Could you point me to the right direction please ? What I’ m I missing? Thanks.


  • You can only open that gate by lockpicking it. You need Lockpick skill of at least 10 and a lockpick.

  • So I can’t seem to get into the jail. Door says it’s locked and I can’t seem to get thrown into jail either. What did I miss ?

  • I just got thrown into jail with Crime of 67 and by talking to either of the guards at the gate in west of Humbria Village. They threw me right in. You shouldn't need Crime higher than 0 though.

  • I will try it again then. I talked to them before with crimes and they ignored me.

  • And Thank you !,

  • Apparently you must commit the crime in Humbria or it does not count

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