Seven rare gems

I have six gems in my inventory and two musgravite stones. Am I meant to have a musgravite gem? If so I cannot find it on the incense islands. When I return to Q’at I cannot complete the quest. Am I doing something wrong here?


  • Q'at wants seven rare gems: Painite (Pink Diamond Mine, Mtns of Lahan; Musgravite, Incense Islands. Step on a small clump of rocks in the south; Blue Garnet, on a shelf behind a crackable wall, Temple of Durga; Serendibite, on a shelf in the larger dungeon of Shadows of Blood; Fiery Red Diamond, from a statue in the far northeast of the Jasper Mines; Black Opal, on the ground in the mid-north of Old Shaman's Maze; Grandidierite, on the ground in Mt. Shinyal.

    When you have all seven gems, go back to the statue outside Q'at and give the statue all the gems. Talk to Q'at for your reward.

  • Thanks Catacomber. I have stepped on every stone, piece of grass, bush and lily pad during the day and at night and cannot find the musgravite gem which is stopping me from completing this quest. I have multiple gems for the other six as I have tried this quest so often. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

  • Try this first. In this picture, I'm standing on the bits of rock that have the gem. You just need the quest to get it if you step on these rocks.

  • I have all 7 stones. I’ve tried dropping any duplicates. Q’at wont complete the quest. Suggestions?

  • Never mind

  • Umm... But wait - how did you fix this? I've got the same problem. Exactly 1 of all seven stones, but neither Cat nor Tri will give me any new dialogue. Is it the Musgravite ore vs gem thing? I'd think that there would be some dialogue about having to treat the ore if that was the problem... but nope

  • Did you try giving the statue the gems?

  • I did now 😅 thanks Cat!

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